School, life, kids……ughhhh

I haven’t written much lately, I feel so self absorbed in everything. This is finals week for me and I have been stressing out about my grades. I have been holding an average grade of 98.94 but with finals holding so much of the grade I think this week can **** it all up. Also next semester starts next week and all I want is a week off! 😦 With constantly writing an average of 3 papers a week why would I want to give myself home work and write anything else.

My son’s promotion from eighth grade to high school was last week so that was an important milestone for him. Receiving an academic award despite him being on the Autistic spectrum was triumphant. Also him being consistently on the honor roll proves that everyday he breaks all the stereotypes. He is still a bit mad at me for having him dress like the new generation of the Português mafia, meh, he will get over it. He looked good too, all pimpin! haha. I think the trip to Gamestop eased his pain too.

DayZ mod has been obsessing me a bit as well. I so wish this could be a stand alone console game. It is everything I like wrapped into one. Open gaming environment, FPS, horror survival, and PVP…..and ZOMBIES!!! Though the whole thing is still in the alpha stage the concept is great once the bugs can all be worked out. Bugs I hate them. It is the most frustrating thing about this mod and fighting the server boss! /sigh.

Since I bore rather easily finding things to entertain me has been a bit annoying too. I have yet to find a movie to WOW me,though I did see some good movies Prometheus I did enjoy and Battleship wasnt too bad (why ooh why did they kill Alexander Skarsgaard what a waste of eye candy). Games are not even fully feeding my ADHD (ok I am not ADHD….ohhhh a shiny), and real life well…..the graphics are great but the PVE/PVP sucks!

I think I just seriously need a vacation….home to Portugal would be ideal…..Toronto would be better only 8 hours away, somewhere someplace……

or maybe just a good nap!



I just happened to stumble upon, what I think is the most brilliant movie I have seen in the past years. Channel surfing the 8 billion cable stations late one night I happened to stop at a movie that was on that I think normally would not have interested me, not because it was not a horror movie, basically because of the description of the movie. Now well knowing that Comcrap ( TV Guide)  is horrible at describing the movies that are on this really just did not pop out at me: “After their mother dies, twins Jeanne and Simon learn their dad is still alive and they have another brother in this moving drama.” I read that an was totally unimpressed but seeing that there was nothing else on that caught my attention I decided to watch the movie. Well within the first 5 minutes I was hooked. Normally I will put a movie on and half ass watch it, switching between watching the movie and playing on the computer. For 130 minutes I forgot what my computer was.

Incendies had to be one of the most well written, acted and directed movies I have seen to date. I will normally watch a movie and tell people it was good, it was bad, see it or don’t however this one I say: “It was great! You have to watch it.”

The story is split between modern day and flash backs of war torn Palestine. Nawal, one of the main characters, after suffering a stroke and on her death bed directs her twin children, Jeanne and Simon, to go back to Palestine and search for their half brother and their father. Their half brother born out of wedlock is given up for adoption by their grandmother after their mother has disgraced their family. Jeanne, leaving a reluctant Simon, following her mother’s wishes and heads to Palestine and starts to reveal their mother’s past. I honestly can not tell more without revealing the whole story. There were so many “oh my god” moments in the movie, and “no way did that really happen” moments that at one point I was honestly confused for ten minutes of the movie, only to have the movie explain every moment perfectly.

Canadian produced and directed it is a foreign film that is subtitled, it has to be unless you speak the three languages in the movie. The movie’s script is primarily done in French and Arabic with some English. There are a few confusing moments in the movie with the flash backs due to the actresses playing mother and daughter looking similar so it took me a second to realize they had switched but other than that the movie flowed quite well, considering I am quite ADD and usually multitask while watching a movie I am impressed it kept my attention.

Overall I would give this movie a 4.5 out of 5 losing a half point for some editing that confused me.


The many uses for the word fuck….

I wrote this sometime ago on another blog and felt completed to repost it here.

My brother and I were having a conversation and the different uses of the word fuck came up…..So I felt compelled to spell some of them out for him…..Now I am sure I forgot some so please feel free to add the ones I have forgotten……

Insurance fraud: I got fucked by my agent.
Happiness: I got fucked by my girlfriend.
Dismay: Oh fuck it.
Frustration: Fuck.
Amazement: Well, fuck.
Trouble: I guess I’m fucked now.
Aggression: Fuck you.
Passive: Fuck me.
Anger: Fuck it.
Confusion: What the fuck is going on?
Difficulty: I can’t understand my fucking homework.
Curiosity: What the fuck are you doing?
Despair: Fucked again.
Uncaring: Who gives a fuck?
Religious: Holy fuck!
Incompetence: He’s all fucked up.
Laziness: He’s just fucking around.
Rebellion: Fuck off.
Romantic: Let’s fuck.
Fear: Oh fuck.
Displeasure: What the fuck is happening?
It can be used in descriptive anatomy: He’s a fucking asshole.
It can be used to suggest ideas: Go fuck a tree,
It can be used to tell time: It’s fucking 5:30
It can be used in business: How did I get this fucking job?
It can have maternal connections: Motherfucker.
It can be nautical: Fuck the admiral.
It can be political: Fuck Trudeau.
It can be medical: Re-fucking-tarded.
It can open the door to new relationships: Let’s fuck.
It can enhance the meaning of a word: Beauti-fucking-ful.

Does the Fairytale Exist?

As I search for the answer to this question more questions become apparent. Is there Prince Charming coming in to swoop a girl off her feet and save her virtue? Is there the white knight on his fiery steed to steal the girl’s heart? In, what seems like my never-ending search for my Prince Charming or white knight, there are questions that I have found to be unanswered. Are they real? Do they exist? Were they just tales woven to make us believe there is true and utter love and happiness? If so, why? So far the answer for me is no, I am still looking for my prince, kissing frogs along the way in search of that one true love. Sometimes you find a frog that seems promising. Alas, I have been led astray from the one. Is there a one? Are we meant to settle? Are we supposed to just be content with the one we are with and go through the motions of everyday life. A zombie-like state?

If the fairytale does not exist then why is the tale still being woven. Someone must have lived it? Or is it just a dream, a fantasy? The old stories retold and new ones written. As little girls we watch the Disney movies, Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, etc, with the expectations of true and ever lasting love and happiness. We are force fed it, in fact. Basically, they all come down to if bad things happen to you there will be some wonderful man to come save you and make everything better. Now as I have  gotten older and become the feminist that I am, I still wonder, is there a prince for me. Now yes I know I am not looking, nor asking for, a prince in the literal term. But perhaps just the one, the perfect match for me. Well, I have had many a bad things happen to me through the years and yet have had someone who made and kept the promise to protect me. Quite the opposite in fact. I was the one who rescued them and protected them. Never asking for anything in return. Okay, perhaps some mutual respect and love back would have been nice.

So I decided to stop picking up these stray wayward puppies and let them fend for themselves. Sadly, some of their stories end not so well. Some have learned from their mistakes and gone on to live happy and healthy lives. The latter perhaps have found their princesses and I was just their frog, and I am okay with that. They have learned something from me on how not to be and that is a good thing. Though honestly though how many frogs do I really have to kiss to find my one.

In retrospect these men really did not meet any princely qualities, so I know that my choices have interfered in my pursuit of Prince Charming. I admit I love my bad boys, but bad boy does not need to mean A-hole.  So over the years I have come up with a sort of mental list of qualities that my knight should have. Then I realized, holy hell, i just described a puppy. Needless to say the mental list has been adjusted a few times and I do not feel it is unrealistic.

I want passion, a passion that lasts. Love in it purest form. Trust and honesty. A line of communication that no one feels like they are being persecuted. A partner. A friend.  Perhaps all of that is my fairytale. I know it is real. I have found it in bits and pieces through my relationships. Does it exist in a whole? I suppose time will only tell.Just another question to be answered.

Until then….I will sing merrily…..”someday my prince will come” or get a puppy!


Drowning in a sea of pandas

So for me this is a big weekend of gaming. Three betas are available for me to test! For a gamer this creates some what of a dilemma however. With three betas deciding which one to play creates a bit of a conundrum. Well this problem was quickly solved for me thanks to game issues and other players.

Tera Online announced their open beta test for this weekend. This was my first option to for me to play this weekend. Excited to try a new MMO. Most MMO’s follow the same idea grind, kill, collect, rinse and repeat. However after playing World of Warcraft for years I always like to try something different. Even if different just means a change of title and lore.

But my hopes of trying out Tera this weekend were quickly extinguished with the inability to get the game to play. I am still trying to work out the bugs. I know it is my end and not the games since I know of several people who are playing the beta. So I will have to be patient on this one. I am not overly stressed about it since I have two others to try and after playing Rift when it came out I am not too optimistic that Tera will differ so much than any other MMO I have played in the past.

My next mission is Diablo 3….this game I was rather interested in playing since I have not played any of the Diablo games prior. I did manage to load the game client no problem, yay Blizzard you did something right! I decided to create and play a wizard since I over all suck at most ranged classes…other than my WoW priest I kick ass on her. So far I enjoy testing out this toon and I am not too bad at playing it. Though I am only at level 8 😛 . The game plays rather smoothly, much different playing style than I am used to but overall all has a very comfortable feel. I am playing this as a closed game since I am new to it, I am not in the mood to hear people call me a noob or some other derogatory word. I have never been one to act like that and don’t like when others do it. So I am soloing this. Other than the relative look of the game it plays like most MMO’s…you know quest, level, grind. The graphics are pretty good. I like the style of it. Similar to League of Legends in how it moves. I have to get used to not being able to move the camera. I swear I tried to do that at least 15 times yesterday and called myself a noob a few times. So like said I played until level 8, where I get frustrated trying to kill a boss, after about 10 deaths I log off. I am chalking up my frustration to lack of sleep and just being overly tired. I figured I would log off, get some sleep and try again refreshed. This morning I tried to log in, awake , refreshed and coffee in hand, only to be disappointed that servers were down. Hours later I tried again, servers are up but Blizzard lowered the population amount for people to log in so here I am. Boooo Blizzard.

As I was waiting for Diablo 3 servers to come up I figured it was as good of a time than any to check out the World of Warcraft Mist’s of Pandaria beta. This download was not as smooth as the Diablo 3 but not too bad. This was an invite only beta so I did not figure it would be to bad…..ohhh I was so wrong, I forgot when Blizzard sends out betas they send out a ton of them and only have the one beta server so ohhhh fun for me. My initial log on to the game, well for lack of a better term, basically sucked balls. Lag Lag Lag. Mostly I think that was on my end but still frustrating. Deciding to look into those issues later I figured I would test things out. As everyone else I made a panda, shocker. This panda is to be a monk, again shocker! So with nine hundred million other panda monks I hit the starting area. I am not going to even mention my fps it is not even worth mentioning. I snail crawl to the first quest giver in the starting area and the poor man was swallowed by a sea of pandas. Now if you have played betas there are some general rules one of which is do not stand on top on the quest givers or quest items. Ya well hum, with many beta invites going out to people for purchasing a one year subscription to WoW this was bound to happen. Fortunately I know the right commands to type in to work around most of these people. With that said I got my first quest. Snail crawling to my destination I get to test out my panda monk for the first time. Now I am a patient person so I wait my turn to do my quest but with pandas in droves trying to do the same quests I quickly lose my patience.

I do however manage to make it to level 4 only to totally lose my patience with players camping on the quest objects and my issues with lag. Finding this rather annoying I decide to log out and work on my issues with my lag hoping it would let people get ahead of me in the game. Again being the brilliant mind that I am I work on my craptop and figure out what is causing all my latency issues and decided to log back in. Yay I fixed my issues no more lag, no more snail crawling however one thing remained the campers. The one thing I need to click on is still surround but a never-ending sea of pandas.

Fortunately I am now distracted by some SMS’s and am giving up on trying to play for now. I think I will try again late tonight. Overall I like the game from what I could tell, I like the graphics of Pandaria. I have not had the opportunity to explore an of the game changes as of yet. I hope to check it out more when there are not hoards of people in game. I do know that when the expansion comes out I will wait, knowing that I will run into the same situations all over again. Waiting is something I am not good at when it comes to new games or expansions, I am Veruca Salt and when I want my Oompah Loompah I want it and I want it now.

Sympothizing with your killer?

As I sat here watching a movie I realized that I have some sympathy for the villain. I seemed to have some understanding on why they are the creature that they are. Watching as situations unfold that cause them to slowly crack before your eyes. You sit there justifying their actions while totally putting aside the fact that they were a bit unhinged to begin with. In the end you have justified their revenge and unwittingly become one of their supporters.

These are in no particular order:

MAY (2002)

May just wants to be loved. After being rejected by the two people who showed her a bit of attention things tend to go wrong.

Friday the 13th (1980)

Your son dies because none of the camp counselors are watching him because they were too busy having fun, doing drugs and having sex but nothing happens to them. So what do you do? You take revenge on the next run of counselors preventing them from killing another child. Mrs. Vorhees takes justice into her own hands.

Carrie (1976)

You are physically and mentally abused at home then go to school to escape home only to be tormented by the popular girls. What do you do? You use your newly found physic powers to seek revenge.

Frankenstein (1931)

I actually feel rather badly for the monster in the movie. He is a patch work of body parts, brought to life only to have everyone afraid of him and kill him.

Alien: Resurrection (1997)

In this one I only feel badly briefly at the end of the movie. The face on the 1/2 breed alien just tears me up, as it is slowly being sucked into deep space through the broken window on the space ship. If they did not bring that human aspect to it this would not have made my list.

Puppet Master (1989)

I just can not help myself to feel something for every single one of Toulon’s puppets. They all have their own personalities and you see a little human in them. Pinhead, Jester and Blade…aww you just give me warm squishy feelings all over.

That is all I can think of that I feel bad for….I am sure there are some more I am forgetting.

As an aside, and I will totally catch flack for this by someone I am sure but I so sympathize with Dr. Horrible from Doctor Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog. The poor man is just so pathetic you really can not help to feel bad for him. Doctor Horrible Official Site This is the geek in me. It is a great story though. You should check out the comic too, it gives some additional background on the characters.

Wow I have been living under a rock …

this is not some great revelation but perhaps an epiphany.

When I was younger I loved the movies from Full Moon Productions and was rather saddened when then ceased making films in 2002 as Full Moon. Movies like Puppet Master, Subspecies and the Killjoy all were from Full Moon. Subspecies was one of my favorites.

So for some odd reason today I chose to Google them. ( I love the interwebs) To my surprise they are back! Okay they were back 7 years ago but hey I decided to crawl out from my rock only today. Actually they never really left, changing names several time through the years

I am so excited. The horror geek in me is just bursting for joy! I always wanted to get Subspecies on DVD and now I can. If you don’t know the movies check them out. They are not high budget horror movies. Rather the opposite. They are kind of campy and B-rated. But so much fun to watch.

My top 10 favorite werewolf movies…


In my opinion werewolf movies are highly over looked. Mainly for the pure and simple fact that making a good looking werewolf is really difficult. Most of the time they come out looking like some messed up man-dog that someone threw together in their basement. You can have the best script in the world but without that all important scary werewolf the movie will tank.

10) The Wolfman (1941)

9)   Silver Bullet (1995)

8)   Bad Moon (1996)

7)   Romasanta (2004)

6)   In the Company of Wolves (1984)

5)  Ginger Snaps (2000)

4)  The Howling (1981)

3)  An American Werewolf in London (1981)

2)  Underworld (2003)

1)  Dog Soldiers (2002)

Forget everything you know about gaming……….

FEZ is about to blow your mind…..ok maybe just mine :/

Now I have not had the chance to play this game for myself it is only available on XBOX live and I am a PS3 kinda girl but I watched one of my fave game reviewer play it live…love ya fonyakamikeb!

This game literally game me a headache while making me intrigued at the same time. The one thing to remember is you know nothing!!!!!  You have to think in 3D which after playing MMO’s for years is some what difficult after being molded to think a certain way.

Fez is an independently made game by the software developers Polytron. In Fez you play a 2D character named Gomez….I find his name amusing since I don’t know any Gomez’s that wear a fez…but again this is a game. Gomez finds a mysterious object that sends him into a 3D world and on to his adventure. The game is your basic puzzle game with the goal being to find new worlds and get your treasures. Simple enough….ya no. There are no bosses, no leveling and no fighting, which for one who plays MMO’s you would think is boring. I did not find this to be the case after watching the game. I rather like puzzles and this was all puzzle.

Check out the video below (I am posting Mike B’s video because he is entertaining) and see what you think. It is available now for download on XBOX live for $10.

What the bloody hell….Hollywood!

I am a horror movie fan and over the years have been getting accustom to mediocre horror movies being made all while waiting for the really good one that can scare me. Actually scaring me is pretty difficult. I think the last movie to put a scare in me is the ORIGINAL A Nightmare on Elm Street. (yes now to age myself). I remember going to the movie with my sister and leaving the dark theater right into a dark parking lot to walk to the car, as we were to enter the car I made sure I looked in the back seat to make sure no one was in there. When it was time to go to sleep I crawled into bed and kept thinking to myself that the bed would suck me into the nether, like it sucked Johnny Depp in and blood would spew all over the room….eeekkkk. I ran to my sisters room and slept on the floor. Ignoring the fact that the floor could possibly turn into pasty goo and I would stick in the carpet with no escape, like Nancy running down the stairs to escape from Freddy. The remake of this movie failed to make me wince.

That was honestly the second scare put to me from horror movies. First was when I was five and saw Bela Lugosi in Dracula right before my bedtime. You remember, the old black and white movie that your imagination was more of a threat than the actual movie. Well bedtime came I got under the covers, demanding that the light stay on. Wrapped the blankets around my neck because at five I was sure that would protect me from any vampire that would make its way to my room.

Since then I think the only other movie to make me jump was John Carpenter’s The Thing. Some how I can never remember which petri dish they test to find out who’s the alien and I jump every bloody time. Now after seeing the movie about ooohhh a billion times you would think I would know better. Sadly that answer is no and I prepare myself for that scene and bam out of my seat. (I have not even seen the remake I am kind of in some denial that they remade this movie, I will wait for it to be on cable.) Come to think of it the movie Alien does this to me as well when the alien pops out of the man’s chest.

Now with all that being said there are not too many movies that scare me. I enjoy so many different genres of horror. Classic, Blood Guts & Gore, Slasher, Psychological, etc….I am sure you get the point. I try and try but to no avail. Perhaps it is wrong of someone wanting to be scared but the adrenaline rush is so much fun.

I think I am digressing from my original point which is that Hollywood can not come up with an original idea to save their lives. Every month it seems there is a remake of some well made horror movie and totally puts it in to the proverbial toilet.  Now let’s start with the remakes of Japanese horror movies. Ju-on (The Grudge) was a great movie in the original, the remake, The Grudge I think only had some appeal with Sarah Michelle Gellar bringing people in because of her Buffy fame. Dark Water was another, again attracting people with the wonderful Jennifer Connelly. Gin Gwai (The Eye) was a wonderfully creepy movie but the remake was atrocious. This movie again bringing in a gorgeous actress, Jessica Alba to pull in money. So the trend is lets remake some originally well scripted movie bring in a hot actress, write a trashy new script and see if we can make money. /sigh. I rather sit there and watch the original movie with poor subtitles and have an actual chill put in me. Now there is a movie that I did enjoy the remake, Ringu (The Ring). The original and the remake to me were both enjoyable movies. I think partially because the remake held true to the more traditional Japanese ghost style and darker feeling. But hey that is just me.

70’s Slasher films are another remake style I abhor. The originals were great, perfect for the time. The characters still hold up twenty some odd years later. Friday the 13th is a prime example, now this movie series has two most awesome (ohh my Bill and Ted just possessed me there for a moment.) villains. From the original Friday the 13th, Mrs Vorhees was the ultimate villain because you would never had suspected her and you didn’t know about her until the end of the movie. Like wow who was that where did she come from. Second is Jason Vorhees, the son out for the ultimate revenge for his mother’s death. Family bonding revenge style! The remake had no redeeming qualities what so ever and with lines like “baby you have perfect nipple placement” just puts it on the top 10 do not watch movies of all time. On to Halloween one of my all time favorite movies, it has all the standard qualities of a slasher film. The sweet innocent girl, sex, drugs and the vengeful psychotic brother. I have seen this movie so many times I probably would say each line verbatim. So when I watched Rob Zombie’s Halloween I had high expectations since I love RZ as a musician and a movie maker. Sadly I was disappointed. Now this movie did have some redeeming qualities considering it was not a true remake.. I loved the back story regarding Michael Meyers, it was something I appreciated. I loved the fact that Danielle Harris, who played Jaime Lloyd in Halloween 4 & 5, was Annie. I think she probably would have made a better Laurie Strode, yet again my opinion. Tyler Mane also did a great job as Micheal, though having no lines and needing to move as a demented serial killer is not too much of a stretch. Some others on the 70’s remake fail train would be Prom Night, The Hills Have Eyes, The Last House on the Left, The Amityville Horror, Piranha, and Children of the Corn. There are so many others as well.

Now on the flip side of this there is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Cult classic! Leatherface was scary as hell. This tall man wielding a chainsaw all while wearing a mask made from the faces of his victims. I liked the remake. Again Hollywood bringing in sexy people for this movie, Jessica Biel and Eric Balfour. Eye candy for both sides! However, the script was written pretty well and might have made it without those two names. In addiction I like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. Again I got a little back story. Back story is important to me so then I can understand why these people are the way they are.

Now there is a list of horror movies that I missed. If I listed them all this blog post would be 10 pages long, maybe longer. (Okay a few more bad ones: The Blob, King Kong, Night of the Living Dead, Thirteen Ghosts, The Omen, Quarantine (original REC), Psycho, The Wolfman, I Spit on Your Grave, House of Wax and The Fog)

Now I suppose Hollywood’s lack of creativity come from the idea that it takes so much money to make a film that would rather rehash something that did well in hopes that it does well again. This is not really the case. Sometimes the movies that seem to do well did not always do well when they came out and have become cult classics and built up a reputation over time. That is not a defense it just means the well is dry and the originality of Hollywood is dead.

Now there are some exceptions to the horror movie trend and newer movies I honestly did enjoy…..but maybe that is tomorrows post.